A specialist in animal nutrition for more than 80 years, the EquiFirst team took up the challenge of creating a special range dedicated to horse feed in 2005. It developed its concept in three sectors (breeding, sports and leisure activities and high performance) using quality raw materials with a high degree of digestibility to meet amateur to professional needs.

EquiFirst in brief

  • Every year Equifirst produces 25,000 tonnes which is continually increasing.
  • EquiFirst works on two Belgian sites: Andenne and Courtrai
  • EquiFirst products are marketed in Europe and throughout the world.

Our values

At EquiFirst, we share this huge desire to excel in offering the best to our customers and their horses, in all countries and in each speciality. This desire translates into three essential values and creates a relationship of trust with each and every one of you.


EquiFirst's young history is peppered with ingenious ideas, fed by curiosity, passion and research as well as knowledge of the unique and fascinating world of horse riding. Flaking cereals, extruding oilseeds, granulating, possibility of mix... certainly our technical arsenal and the versatility of our business have improved and strengthened over the years, but this is also thanks to you, your questions and your requirements.


At EquiFirst, "working in the field" is not just an idea: it's a reality. Our nutritional experts are always available to answer your questions and travel thousands of miles each year to support your equestrian career. With the thoroughness, skill and sensitivity that you expect from true horse lovers.


Even though the EquiFirst team is exclusively dedicated to horse feed, this is above all else a passion. Passion for this noble and powerful animal. For what horse riding brings to men and women. For a discipline relating to humans just as much as animals. It is due to our understanding of the depth of feeling between you and your horse that every day we work towards improving its health, development, safety and performance, by producing feed that specifically meets its needs.


Because we are aware that food safety is a vital guarantee for your horse, we are uncompromising in our choice of raw materials: subject to total traceability, they are systematically inspected, sampled and archived.

We carry out weekly sampling on feed destined for equine professionals: these samples are tested at the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH) [Horse racing Laboratory] in Paris. And Energy Sport Plus packaged in bags and Palbox, is already inspected by the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques [Horse racing Laboratory] before being put on the market. Lastly, we ensure that the transport methods used have not contained any  risky raw materials during the last three trips at least.