What feed would you recommend for a foal that is just a few months old?

Breeding M&F is specifically formulated for a foal's food intake. It is easy to eat and enriched with high-quality milk and protein products. After 2 months, when the foal is accustomed to eating the feed, it can move on to Breeding Mix .

Are EquiFirst products anti-doping-certified? Can EquiFirst products be given during competitions?

EquiFirst is committed to respecting the quality anti-doping charter, which can be sent to you on request. In addition, Energy Sport Plus tested negative before it was marketed (certificate available on request).

Should I decrease the quantity of feed supplements that I give my horse after a competition season or during a rest period?

In the off-season, our nutrition experts recommend effectively decreasing the concentrates and increasing the quantity of forage, taking into account the horse's requirements (2 to 2.5 kg per 100 kg live weight) to achieve its sense of fullness.

Which product would you recommend for feeding my pregnant mare? Is there any risk in feeding her EquiFirst products?

We recommend using Breeding Mix during the gestation period, adapting the quantity to the mare's condition: she should be fit without being too fat. Breeding Mix is indicated provided 3 kg per meal is not exceeded for a 500-kg horse,

What product(s) should I give my horse so that it puts on weight?

To make a horse gain weight, its is important to concentrate the energy intake in the form of fat. The most efficient way to achieve this is to add 1 kg of Linamix to the usual intake.

What should you give horses who are prone to colic and diarrhoea?

The most suitable feeds are Classic Fibre All-in-One and OptiFibre : complete feeds for horses that guarantee an excellent balance between energy and fibres.

Are there any ingredients in some EquiFirst products that might irritate and damage my horse's intestinal flora?

No. Our entire range is based on food safety. All our forage complementary feeds are safe, provided the instructions for use are respected. A horse's intestines are extremely sensitive: we do everything possible to ensure it has perfect health.

Do you sell easy-to-eat products for older horses, with teeth that are not so good or damaged?

Senior is specially developed for older horses. However, if your horse has difficulty in eating and swallowing forage, we strongly recommend dry OptiFibre , and rehydrated Optifibre if it also has gripping problems.

My horse is fairly excitable, nervous, and skittish. What could I give it to calm it down?

The first thing is to understand why your horse is highly nervous. Does its genetic heritage match this profile? Does it get out enough? An overweight horse will always be calmer than a relatively fit horse. Only two products in our range contain oats, the highly nutritious qualities of which sometimes make a horse excitable: Energy Sport Plus and Energy Racing Mix .

What should you give horses first thing in the morning?

Apart from water, which should always be available, you will start with feed, then hay, if the horses have received a good quantity of forage the day before. However, you must absolutely avoid starting with a meal of good quality straw if the horses have not eaten throughout the night.

My horse is recovering from illness (weight loss). What product should I give it to get it back into shape?

You will never go wrong if you give it OptiFibre .

How many times a day should I feed my horse?

If the horse always has freely available forage, you can feed it once, twice or three times a day, provided 3 kg per meal for a 500-kg horse is not exceeded.

There are no dealers close to where I live. How can I obtain the product? Can I have it delivered to my house? Is there a minimum quantity for a delivery? What are the delivery costs?

Normally, we do home deliveries from 1,000 kg. Contact the sales representative for your region for more details: he/she will be happy to help you.

I own several horses of different ages and which do not do the same type of activities every day. Is there a feed that could suit all of them?

Classic Mix is the EquiFirst brand's top line, multi-purpose feed.

What feed(s) do you recommend for a jumper that is prone to ulcers?

OptiFibre is the obvious choice: the cause of ulcers depends much more on the time taken to ingest the feed than the quantity of starch.

My horse is prone to breathing problems; what would you recommend for it?

The entire EquiFirst range is suitable, provided your rehydrate it just before giving it to your horse.

How do I go about buying rugs, blankets, and other accessories with the EquiFirst brand colours?

The sales representative for your region will be happy to help you. Contact him/her here.

What feed(s) do you recommend for a recreational horse (dressage, jumping, hacking, etc.)?

Classic Mix .

What are the different packaging options?

The EquiFirst brand products are delivered in bags, pallets, or pallboxes, and loose depending on the range.

How can I become a retailer?

Contact the EquiFirst team; they will happily answer this question!

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